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We have extensive experience in the conduct of all types of accident claims. We have a special expertise in the conduct of any accident on the highway.

Our head office is based in Merseyside and Merseyside is well known for being at the cutting edge of litigation for accident claims. The fact that you do not live in our area will not cause us any problems in conducting your claim as we have office facilities in all the major cities.

The majority of accident claims now dealt with by Solicitors are dealt with via phone, post and E-Mail. Seeing your Solicitor face-to-face is no longer necessary in straight forward claims. The majority of claims (providing liability is clearly established) will be straight forward.

However, in most cases we will be able to visit you and explain our procedure to you and if not, we will send you full documentation via E-mail or the post.


This web site provides an overview of the law at the present time and no action should be taken without consulting detailed legislation or seeking full and proper legal advice. We cannot accept responsibility for losses occasioned by anyone accessing this web site and acting or not acting as a result of the content of this web site. Visitors to this web site should realise that the time periods for commencing claims as a result of damages arising out of an accident will vary according to the types of accident and the jurisdiction in which those proceedings are to be taken.

For the best advice we recommend that you give us a call, free of charge, and speak to us direct.

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